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Where do you go for field trips?

For our summer school program, children are taken on a variety of field trips, including local parks, the public swimming pool, and movie theaters. 

Our younger children, however, only take trips to the park. 

For children to attend field trips, parents/guardians must sign a field trip permission form.

How are children disciplined?

We use “time-outs” when disciplining children at the center. A child in time out is placed away from the rest of the children for a few minutes while a teacher talks with them about why they’re in time out and how to do better. We do not use any type of corporal punishment. We discuss reoccurring behavioral problems with the child’s parents/guardians.

Are children in childcare divided by age groups?

Yes, we divide children by appropriate age groups but place them based on development rather than exact age. We apply this same logic when evaluating if a child is ready to move to a new group level. We advance our children based on if they’re developmentally ready. 

Our playground is also separated by age group. Our main playground is used by children three and older while a smaller area is separated for toddlers and two-year-olds to enjoy.

Do you offer Before and After School Care options?

Yes, and students who attend Fairfield Community School District are provided with free transportation to and from the center.

Do you have a summer program?

Yes, our summer program is available for school-age children and allows them to play and learn with kids their age in a safe setting while you’re working. We even take field trips! For more information, call us at (641) 472-9629.

Center Information

Are you closed on holidays?

We are closed on Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving and the day after. We close at noon on Christmas Eve and remain closed through New Year’s Day.

How secure is the center?

Only authorized staff and families of children attending the center may enter. Parents/guardians are given a four-digit code to enter the building. The center is also equipped with security cameras to monitor the safety of our children and staff members. Only our director and assistant director have access to the camera monitor.


How are enrollment payments billed?

We bill weekly. Families pay on Fridays or Mondays for an upcoming week of childcare/preschool. However, we will work with families who may need monthly payment schedules.

Do you accept state assistance for payment?

Yes. Once DHS approves you for assistance and notifies the center, then your child can begin childcare.


Are you certified in Quality Rating System (QRS)?

Yes, we currently have a four-star rating out of five. The voluntary QRS program rates the quality of childcare centers in the state. To learn more visit the Iowa Department of Human Services website.

Do you have any other certifications?

Our director and assistant director have National Administrator Credentials. The credential is designed for childcare center directors and shows a mastery of child care administration skills. The credential must be kept up with annually. The program is run through the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation. Learn more on their website.

What qualifications must staff members have?

Our team is trained in first aid, CPR, mandatory child abuse reporting, and infectious disease control. Team members must follow professional growth and development training established by the Department of Human Services.

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