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About Us

Our Leadership Team

Colleen Bates, director of Community Childcare Center & Preschool, has provided love and care for children at our center since 1974. She started with us as a teacher’s aid and after taking a year off for school, Colleen returned as our childcare director and has been with us ever since.

Renee Letts, our assistant director, is also a longtime member of the Community Childcare family. She began working at the center in 1984. 

Colleen and Renee’s long-term commitment to our center is a testament to our family culture and how we care for every child and family that walks through our doors.


A typical day in our childcare program consists of a balance of learning experiences, quiet and active activities, individual and group activities, and indoor and outdoor playtime. 

When the weather is nice, children play outside in the morning and afternoon for physical activity. In the case of inclement weather, children participate in physical activity in a large multipurpose room inside the center. 

During a daily nap/quiet time, we provide cots and cribs with clean linens for each child to comfortably rest.

Meals are provided, though families can opt for their child to bring food from home. Depending on the hours a child spends at the center, we provide breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack.


We offer preschool for 3- and 4-year-old children. Our program:

  • Focuses on positive teacher-child interactions
  • Develops the child’s social and emotional concepts
  • Encourages constructive and purposeful play
  • Allows children to interact with their environment
  • Supports partnerships with families
  • Provides various interest centers designed to best support each child’s development
  • Lays a solid foundation for students to build upon

Our program uses McGraw-Hill Wonders curriculum — the same used for preschool through 5th grade in our school district. It is developmentally appropriate and designed to prepare early learners for the social and academic demands of kindergarten. 

Preschool students take part in an assessment compound that allows the teacher to see what the student knows through observation, talking with the student in everyday conversations, and through hands on assessments. Students are also assessed on pre-literacy skills. 

For more information about our preschool program, please reach out to our preschool teacher Mrs. Heather Snook at (641) 472-9629.

Open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday